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Tuesday Tyraids… well not..looking for Dave

Looking for Dave!!   Dave where are you? 

My dad has been having this reoccurring dream that a guy named Dave is going to take me away from La Crete.  The only problem is that he has not seen his face or gotten a last name.  It was kind of funny because after telling me about his dream this morning he went and washed the car…and met a American… named Dave.  LOL my dad comes back and he says, man if only I could see the guys face in the dream…and I says well maybe you have LOL. 

Stacy says she has a single uncle named Dave… but he is in his 20s… Hmmm… maybe..maybe not LOL…  maybe?

Anyway upon the advice of those who advise me I will find a way to have adventures outside of my house…in the real world… with people!!!  Wow soo scary… 😛  I feel more hopeful and devious than ever… think I’ll buy that box of condoms to make that bouqet for Julie LOL… too funny.


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