Thought conveyance portal.

Minday musings (and yes I left the i there on purpose!)

The future, according to some scientists, will be exactly like the past, only far more expensive.

  – John Sladek

Ain’t that the truth…  Hmmm…  Maybe I am just suffering from a "sick-brain" but I come to the stark realization that I need to stop and purge again.  Purge my thinking…  seems I get a one track mind and then I go way off track with what is really important.  Time to purge, take a breather, relax and start again.

The things I need to start again are reading my Bible regularly, praying more and searching for truth more.  Thinking about a three letter word less and having more pure thoughts…possibly giggly funny thoughts as those are my preferred ones.  It could be I have just sunk to a new low because of a weakened immune system… perhaps. 

Anyway..  I wanted to post a Kalvin cartoon here…  You all will just have to imagine what it was.. and LAUGH cause it is HILARIOUS!!


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