Thought conveyance portal.


Saturday of rest… Well yeah I stayed in my PJs all day.. I eventually showered around 3 or 4..I forget whic.. no wait 5:30ish.  Now it is midnight and I am gonna go to sleep… I do feel better, but not completely healed.. AND IT SNOWED!!!

How come when I say "I was goofy yesterday" people say…is that unusual?  As if I am always goofy… I guess I could be goofier than usual?  Perhaps…

I looked and I listened,
I stared till it glistened
The truth that I searched for

I stopped and I stared
It was nearly there
The thought I long abhorred

I wondered and gazed
and was truly amazed
to find the one I adored

then I’ll laugh and I’ll cry
most assuredly die
an answer long looked for

Nite you naughty nickers!!  I mean night night all!!



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