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I just smart mouthed a business associate… not in a bad way but he said he was gonna try coming up to see us mid-October… and I said, "What it’s already mid-October, actually were past that already man.."  Totally unprofessional… He did not know what to say…and I am sitting here going…wow I shouldn’t be at work or on the phones… This is GREAT!!  LOL… I am going home in about an hour…

Now I just hurt my dad’s feelings… Funny how I can do it so easily at times.  He bombards me with questions, statements and such, not giving me enough time to think and then bam.. I say something stupid in the wrong tone of voice and … he says "I’m not talking to you guys anymore"… and out he walks.. not talking.  I wish I was smarter..and quieter, and that I would learn…  I did say sorry, and I am sure it will be okay, but who likes to hurt other people.


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