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Whirle Wind day

Well today went a tad different than expected.  I had supper plans but they cancelled and it was all good 😛
I was up and out of the house by 8:40am… off to the store to unlock and setup for the staff who were working today.  Only to find that my dad had the same idea as me, and basically had everything ready for them.  After talking to him a little a headed back home to shower and get ready to streak my friend Ewa’s hair.  She called me around 10am to tell me we were going to High Level..but then changed the plans and instead came to my house to dye her hair.
This was all good, and I recovered from the change of plans like a pro…I am growing up after all RATS!! Who really wants that!  Anyway we knew we would have extra dye so we talked two of James’ friends and my brother Roy into letting me give them some highlights.  All went well and Ewa’s hair turned out great, apparently Roy’s is great as well, but I have yet to see it.  I gelled Darin & Cody’s hair, so they got the whole salon treatment LOL..  Cody said I should open up a shop… but I am sure my talents lie else where.
After the hair treatment we headed off on the town…on foot!  Extra sweater layer and we were comfy.  We first went to "The Bargain Shop" and found some good deals!  I got a pair of jeans one size smaller than I usually wear and they fit well WOOT WOOT..(she says this as she eyes the pastry next to her lustfully)  I also purchased a cool black top.. that really is not appropriate for the store, but who cares I think it is cool and sexy.  (aka  trashy,,, but who cares!!) 
At the till I discovered that my VISA was not in it’s place.  My lovely VISA how I longed for it…I pined and I searched… I resorted to the blasted Interac card.  It worked but where was my VISA, my love…sigh. 
After this we headed off to "Country Grill" for a Mexican rice skillet..  and strawberry milkshakes.. A fantastic meal was had by us… My VISA where for art thou??  I searched my purse..spilling the contents on the table… MY Visa..Mine… oh where have I left thee??  We made plans to go to the last store i had shopped at, but then I realized there was a high chance it was in my sweater pocket at work… which was on our way to the next store anyway. 
MY VISA WAS FOUND!!!   (and there was much rejoicing and further spending!!)  Off we went to "V&S" a few stickers purchased… then to "Discount Foods" aka the local dollar store.  I few trinkets and gizmos and we were off again.  Oh yeah and two pairs of gloves which were opened and used straight away.  Then off for a walk to "Warehouse One" where try as I might I did not find anything.. .na da ..bupkis.. zilch… 
Then it was off to Ewa’s where now I sit typing on her PC while she puts Gabriel to bed.  I can not go on 12ds since my game is at home…
Wow typing it out it sounds pretty successful and exciting… Al went to go get us Chinese food and then we will veg a bit..  I have had a good day.  I even got my dishes done while waiting for Ewa’s dye to set, and my laundry done yesterday so I was set for today.
And  I have just come to realize that if I just used Internet explorer instead of FireFox I would have my crutch aka spell checker.  Thusly making me look SMRT after all!
I miss you 12ds peeps… taggers and fighters, laughers and talkers, geeks and nerds… yeah all of you… why can’t you live in Northern Alberta with me?  We would have a great time.  My folks say that if any of you want to come up I can take you to the Territories… which would mean time off for me.. SO COME UP…aim for during the middle of the week please 😛 JK come anytime.
Well Gabriel is asleep and Ewa is bored and the food should be here soon… I must away… (wow it is easier to leave here than 12ds.. no good byes)

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