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Dreams are weird… I keep having dreams about ghosts and about basements…  I do not like basements, well for sure not sleeping in them alone.  I can handle being in them while working and such, or with people, but alone in the dark…nu uh.  I was thinking (well over thinking) this mornign about why I am afraid of dark basements… As near as I can figure it has to do with movies more than anything.  As a kid I have had my bedroom in basements before, and  can not remember being scared though, now as an adult it is scary?? 

My dream last night was a friend wanting to watch a movie in a particular basement room… I did not want to go in there and was trying to divert them to anothe rlocation with out telling them that I felt there was a ghost in there.  Then the dream changed to this "work like" place and there was a displeased ghost putting things in my printer.  A file I had been looking for, plastic bags… I can’t remember what else was in there..but the printer stopped working..(Duh!) 

Then I remember being on the Greyhound Bus from High Level to La Crete, except the driver was taking all the narrow side roads.  His thinking was that people new to the area would appreciate seeing different scenery.  It wasn’t scary or anything, just steep and narrow… and guess what was there… Trees 😛  Later in my dream I reflected on this ride, gratful that the ghost had not tried to kill me in a bus accident.  I am not sure what I had done to offend the ghost in my dreams either?

No I was not drinking last night, nor did I take any drugs of any kind…  Just getting halloweened I guess.  The part of my dream that scared me is the part I could recognize as a real concern, and something I actually need to address. 

Oh did I tell you all I know a secret!!  Blast it all I can’t blog about it…  Honestly I think it is a evil plot to make me think I am the only one who knows…while really they are all laughing at me.. 😦  Seriously if they wanted to play a prank on me this would be the one… I like to tell my secrets… But to be honest I am telling everyone who is not associated with 12ds 😛  So ha take that…  Sigh…  If this is a prank someone will pay (wait a minute… hmmm I am making people pay all the time.. 🙂

Why oh why is my spell checker not working??


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