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Baby steps lol

Well today I guess I took a baby step in faith.  I have always wondered what "taking a step in faith" means for me.  Do I have to move or sell my home or take a new job or that kind of major life changing event?

Today I found a web-site… laugh all you will it may sound nerdy.. but I am true to me   It lists lots of promises of God in different categories.  I was looking for a passage to write in a thank you card and I wanted the words to be for the recipient and not for me…if you understand the thought amen!!  So I prayed that the Lord would guide me to the correct category and the correct verse.  I closed my eyes as I prayed and I rolled the scroll thinger on my mouse…  I stopped on JOY…  Hmmm since this was a card thanking her for a birthday gift it seemed appropriate.  I found the verse that felt right.  Now that was not the end of it…

I thought hmmm perhaps some of my friends need some promises today… so I prayed for each by name asking God to direct me to the category that each of them needed to read.  I was surprised by some of the results, surprised because they fit so well with what I have been praying for them already.   Things I thought they needed to hear.  I know they will read and interpert as the Spirit leads and not at I understand perhaps, but He knows what they need more than I .  I will not tell you who got what, I can only say what I got.  I prayed for me what I needed to hear…{15B5405E-7815-44F4-8318-5D9A2FAA4A05}&notoc=1
Promises about temptation… hallelujah!  He knows me so well.

Anyway, I am curious what will happen when these 4 friends read the specific promises they  got.  I wonder what questions I will get…  "why did you send me this?"  "what is this about?"  Or perhaps they will just glance it over and pass it off as just another forward.  I hope the Spirit moves and I should go read mine too… take care you lot!! 

I need to do something in this life…and not be tethered to this baggage anymore…!!  😛 


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