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What does it take to be a leader?

I play too much computer.  yes this is an honest fact.  Not worried about it, just admitting it.

I am thinking of writing a new book for 12ds.  How to be a Natural Born Leader.

First make sure your parents are the right kind of folks… then make sure they meet, fall in love and .. well you know do that biological thing humans do.  Then Presto you are a leader… Ah wouldn’t it be nice.  I know I am not really a leader when it comes to fighting… my skin being to soft and my bones to frail.  I prefer to cast from behind a more sturdy companion.  I think it takes great skill to be a leader.  They need to keep a calm head in crisis and think on their feet.  They must know how to encourage their followers to extend to their limits, while being able to properly assess them so as not to extend them beyond their limits. 

I believe a leader needs to be able to see what he/she has to work with and work it for the good of the party.  It does little good to berate a follower and break their spirit.  And does less good to talk about other followers in a bad light.  If there are real concerns to address then they need to be addressed to that follower on a private level, not broadcast to the whole party thus belittling that person.

A leader has to be humble enough to know that what makes a truly great leader is the group he leads, and the honor by which he acts.  He needs to be willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

Now I am not sure that the above book would be accepted in the manner it was written.  It is not meant to offend but to encourage good behavior.  And especially those that show this behavior… because blast it all it is a GAME… we want to ENJOY it and have fun.  It is my escape from reality,and if I am escaping it had better be fun!!  Well okay it is not all about me.. but I WANT TO HAVE FUN!!

I am not sure this story is true, but it is a good story.

Gaw Hong

More than 200 years ago, the Chinese on Formosa were having a
difficult time stamping out the barbaric practice of headhunting
among native Taiwanese inhabitants.

Because of the coming of the Chinese gentleman named Gaw Hong
who had been appointed magistrate to the region, the practice
was almost wiped out except for a few spots here and there.

He was a just man and a kind man. Soon he had won the hearts of
all the people in the area. By his good dealings with the
people, he won their affection. Even the fiercest of the tribes
couldn’t help but love, respect and revere him.

Because he was such an incredibly fine gentleman, he managed to
stamp out this barbaric practice bit by bit. Unfortunately,
when it appeared that he had almost succeeded, a religious
festival approached and the local inhabitants felt that they
needed to appease the Gods by offering human heads.

Gaw Hong appealed to them with every ounce of persuasion he had,
not to do it, but they wore him down.

Eventually, he said to them, “I will give you permission to take
one head, only one. And, you will take it when and where I shall

When the feast came, he told them explicitly what he wanted them
to do. They were to take the first man using a certain path at
dawn the next day. In keeping with his instructions, the
assassins lay in wait for that first person to appear on the
road. The arrow of the assassin found its target, and they
quickly cut off the head of the victim, put it in a bag and took
it to the tribal chief.

When the sack was opened, it was the head of Gaw Hong.

On that day in Formosa, headhunting ceased forever.


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