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**Party TIme**

Noah is walking!!!!  Yahoo!!!

For those of you who don’t know Noah, he is the middle son of a good friend of mine.  He has special needs and has recently started walking!!  Apparently he is not so interested in walking at home just yet, but it is definitely time to celebrate!!

(I figured it was time to quit blogging about me and my foolishness and actually look around for good stuff to say… and this is pretty good )

Look at the world and you will be distressed
Look at yourself and you will be depressed
Look to the Lord and you will find rest

or something like that… need less to say if your always looking at yourself, comparing yourself to others or critiquing your own habits… depression is sure to follow.  Christian or non-Christian it is the same.  Look for good, look to others… get lots of rest and eat right.. Just like your Momma told ya!!


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