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It’s not ALL about me…serious??

A good reminder in life is that it does not revolve around me.  It is not all about me.  I forget at times…but that’s cause I am with me all the time that I seem most important  

Not sure what happened at work after I left, but it sure sounded like a big conflict.  I am not sure if a couple of the staff will be coming in.  My brother who is in charge of them for the most part wanted to drop down all their hours.  I know that he is not planning on picking up the slack in the front, though really as managers I feel we all need to pull our socks up and get back to the business of running this place, rather than skating along as we have.  If we are really not  that interested in working towards a profitable business then perhaps it is time to think of selling? 

Anyway, I am trusting it will all work out, just like I trust that of everything.  And I am not stressing about singleness at the moment, I keep getting told over and over that it will all work out for the best, and that I trust.  Enough said.  I talk too much … so I am gonna try and refrain.  (Fat chance eh!!) Well at least for a day or so, then things should normalize again.

I wish I could tell you something inspiring, or entertaining…  Accept what you will and let the rest go

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