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Not mid-life crisis, just a “WHAT NOW!” moment

So I stalk a little…is it a crime??     Not if they don’t catch on..or report ya right??  eh?

Anyway… I just wanted to tell you all about my yesterday…

I was a little slow in getting ready for church, but I was on the road just in time… I had enough fuel as my church is 30k away, but then when I had driven about 2k my fuel level dropped down by half and I knew I did not have enough fuel to get to church and back.  Being practical I just went to the church in town, but not one I would normally have attended (different denomination).  They started at 11 and I was too late to attend the old church I attended in town. I do believe that God can speak to a person through a different speakers and even those with a different point of view so going to a different denomination, as long as they speak English, is always an option for me.  Anyhow… The message was curtailed for me!!  Exactly for me… how in the world did God know how to get me there??  Duh!  He is omniscient (all knowing).  I think I’ll hold back from telling you why it was shaped for me, but it just was. 

I had a fantastic rest of the day, other than a decision I have to make.  I hate decisions…it’s a strong word, but this is a hard decision, and a easy one.  It is only hard because it might mean losing a friend.  Anyway…

It was great fun to walk around the lake with Brenda, and then later make supper with Rachel.  When I went home I read with James, tucked him into bed…then I almost played 12ds.  Almost, Robert had logged off or I might have played a little with him.  Rest was good though, and I had a smile on my face because of another reason other than the sunshine.

I agree I am a goofy crazy person, but I really like that I am honest about it even when it costs me ..oops I mean..


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