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I was in outer space… you can come too

I just remembered a wicked awesome dream I had… Want to read about it eh?

Well for some unknown reason my folks and I won a trip to outer space.  A guide and myself did some floating in the black starry void we call space.  Then for night we were in this bunker on the moon.  We had bunk beds, but they were all just in rows and anyone could sleep anywhere.  My dad being the novice space person that he is, opened the door to the bunker… I swiftly stepped into action and got him to close it… though I have a feeling that he broke it somehow, but managed to reposition it so it worked.  The reason I had for getting him to close it was because it was soo cold outside…my brain was muttering something about us being sucked out due to the difference in pressure or something..but logic did not get it’s voice in this fantastic adventure.

The funny thing is that I actually feel like I was floating in space… that part felt so real.  It was scary…so out there.  I am not sure I ever want to go to space, but who knows the future.  Even my trip to Maryland was kind of out there… not that I didn’t think I would come back, but the plane could have crashed, one of the friends I made could have been an axe murderer..(I watch enough TV to know they grow them in the southern USA…) 

I think the dream origionated because a friend talked to me about stepping out in faith… I want to do that, I want to adventure and trust an all knowing Lord to guide my steps as I walk the path boldly proclaiming His existence.  Now I don’t want to be obnoxious or invasive, but acting out of love.  Such a fine balance it takes… or so I feel anyway.  How to be humble.

Anyone else want to go on a voyage out of the ordinary into the extraordinary??  I think the trip is free, but it cost a lot.  

Sorry I know sometimes I do not make sense, and I do not say everything that is needed to completely understan, plus I make jumps in my thoughts and do not connect the dots… but if you have any questions about my space voyage or anything else let me know.. and no I am not trippin’ on anything.  Perhaps just tired… and I have no idea how I remembered this wicked cool dream.  It’s so … natural 😛  (okay odd)

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