Thought conveyance portal.


No one can help, no one at all
I look around who can I call?
I am drowning here..losing hope
clawing for life at the end of a rope

If I love them how can I call them near?
I’ll drag them under I fear..
how did I get this low
blast the foe!! I don’t know

Push everyone away
in hopes they won’t stay
It hurts to be vulnerable
When one’s mood is unpredictable

If they are close they will see
They will feel what it is to be me
Look past myself to see around
People swimming too, hoping to be found

I know my selfish heart
Selfishly wanting to be part
Of a bigger picture focused on me
When really we all need to see

The fog clears my hope returns
Even though my heart still yearns
The friends I see are looking to me
To be the friend they want me to be

Again I walk on shore
Still knowing I can’t ignore
The future laid out ahead
If I did I would find myself dead

I must face my fears
Struggle through fits and tears
The future uncertain
As closed as my curtain

DRAW back the string!!
Let your heart sing
The song is amazing
It is a fire blazing!!

Let it of good cheer
Your champion is here
He comes on a white horse
And He loves you of course

I guess to sum up
I give up my luck (I am trying not to swear here LOL…sigh)
To my Heavenly maker
I hope I don’t turn out a faker.


My mind is wandering and I am trying to figure it out… not sure if my poems are any good, but they help me vent so onward I go.  And I was really trying not to swear… not that I am anger (though I might be) but more I have a passion at the moment to be a tad controversial… and a strong word can really be the zing that releases some unwanted frustrations that I have.  Alas certain words never did fit coming out of my mouth and I am grateful for that.  I am a simple country girl, innocent as a Sunday in the summer time… and that is saying something.  (of course those who know me think I am lying :-P)

Rats I waste so much time at work it makes me sick at times… Then again sanity is of value … right?


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