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Blasted Elections.. I love social studies

Elections on Oct 14th!!  Who to vote for?  Last elections I was too busy and distracted to vote, this time I have no idea what the issues are. 

Candidates in your electoral district

Adele Boucher Rymhs (New Democratic Party)
Funding to the arts… sounds good 😛

Liliane Maisonneuve
 (Liberal Party of Canada)
Same story as last time

Edwin Siggelkow
 (Canadian Action Party)
I’d rather be Canadian??? duh

Mélanie Simard
 (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Pub night? focus on the youth??

Jennifer Villebrun
 (Green Party of Canada)
Vote for tomorrow (duh tomorrow never comes)

Chris Warkentin
 (Conservative Party of Canada)Crimestoppers? Seems to be focused on anti-crime

Green Party – they won’t be green until all their members live green.  Besides they might kill the economy to save the environment.  Balance is necessary.
Conservative party- They tend to be very strong in our region… I wonder how they are doing nationally.

I guess I’ll have to do some research and find out where to drop my nickel.   Though I don’t think my one vote makes a difference.. I suppose all of our ones add up to make a difference.

Honestly I have to say politics used to hold a certain charm, but now it is all business and no fun.  We used to be able to be charismatic about our leaders, either supporting or mocking, but now it is hard to go either way…they are all soo much the same.  They know what issues we all want to hear about so they spout it out… but who will really pull through and make things better or at the minimum keep it all level.  Well I’ll see you at the polls Oct 14th unless we all have a turkey coma from Thanksgiving…well us Canadians anyway 😛  We know when to be thankful LOL


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