Thought conveyance portal.

The thought ~poem

Twas an hour before opening and all through the brain..
A thought did bounce driving her insane
Tera was giggling thinking of what was in store

Her thoughts this past week keep making her weak
her heart in her stomach her mind in the gutter
so nary a word can this girl utter!

You wonder why so, what could the thought be
the thought that weakens a sturdy knee
She will not tell you, so there! HA HA!

Take that you fool you bastard GRRaw  HA!
You shall not know what rattles in her brain
Well if you’d drive you insane!!

Insane is a state of being you see
Giggling like a girl and giddy as can be
Oh yes I know you all want to be me!

Written by Tera.. Theresa is not home LOL.. Sept 22, 2008

Well that was fun to type… but now your all wondering what I’m thinking.  A few of you might know the others are just guessing!! 

Life is so funny at times, just when you get to a state of accepting where things are at someone or something happens upon you to make you think things are gonna change.  Then one starts thinking of the things that you have just accept and you wonder if perhaps you were too hasty in accepting them and if perhaps those things that you want to happen might happen.

Does that make sense?  Well it does to me since I hold the code key in my brain that thought that is insane.  I guess to help you understand remember I am a little girl with little girl dreams 😛  So run run away as fast as you can!!  Unless perchance to want to take part in the plan…  Which is the answer I really want to find out!! 

I shouldn’t type when I am in one of these moods… it gets scary even for me…


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