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Home again, home again, jiggety-jog.

Mother Goose  that’s where it is from… odd.. odder still that I looked it up.

D A RKON DARKON DARKON (the movie) I am tired of explaining what Darkon is.. so hear it (aka watch it) for yourselves 🙂  I saw Beth & Amy in one, and I think the one guy was Mike..not sure though.  Beckie is in the movie at the end…  There are other faces I recognize as well, pretty cool to think I met them.

Well I am home safe and sound from an adventure…  I met some pretty cool peeps and hope to keep in contact.  They were asking when I was coming back.. I said I was definitely not afraid to go there again.  I wouldn’t want to go too often…I  like being treated as a novelty LOL jk jk.  I was treated first rate and shown the real Maryland, Darkon version… or maybe more specifically Nurgle version 🙂

You shall see some pics of my trip, but I am waiting for Amy to send me a CD of the pics she took.  To see more Darkon click the middle Darkon LOL  I am sure they will be posting some soon.

I met Nick, Mike, Amy and Robert from my 12ds (it is MY 12ds).  Nick provided me with a couch and a cat to lessen the longing for my own cat.  Ziggy loved my sandles…slept on them, partly in them and played with them at night…I must have stepped in catnip somewhere 😛  Mike and Amy invited me into their home and made me feel like family.  Mike said "your like the big sister I never had…and never really wanted" 😛  But then he said he would definitely miss me so I knew it was all a good thing LOL.  Robert was like I pictured him, tall and friendly… though he looked younger than I imagined.  I recognized him right away.. it helped he told me what he was gonna wear LOL.

I am finding it hard to tell my adventures as they were to my friends as they are.  It was such a stretch from my comfort zone, my saving grace (which is from the Lord) is that I love people.  I love people and I accept them at face value, I look for good in them and strive to encourage people and make them feel valued.  I can not claim this as something I know how to do, or that I knew it was important… it is a lesson I have learned from learning about Jesus, it is what He modeled in His life.  Everyone is a wonderful creation, some just fall off the shelf…sometimes people need someone to stop long enough to pick them up again.  And sometimes they need someone to confirm they are worth picking up.  (Sorry if I sound like I am bragging…  it sounds good on paper and I make a mild attempt to model Jesus.. I am glad He is gracious enough to accept my humble offerings)


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