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Well tomorrow morning I leave the safety and security of La Crete.  I travel south to the warm pleasures of Calgary, I’ll get to spend a couple of days there relaxing before heading off to Baltimore MD… Alone…   Scared?  you might ask, and to be honest I would say yes..and yet at times not at all.  I know Nick would think "what’s to be scared of?", but when you have lived somewhere for long enough it is not scary anymore…well all except La Crete.  La Crete is always scary…it is the small town bubble syndrome that never seems to change that is most scary. 

Calm am I today
No worries that I say
No thundering heart
to burst me apart
though heavy burdens may

my home I leave today
though others choose to stay
my choice is to explore
though others do implore
that I might linger yet another day

my joy and my surrender
it to my Great Defender
He fought the fight
both day and night
His image on our hearts to render

So in His hands I travel
this life He gives to unravel
we walk this trail
sometimes we fail
His grace and mercy eternal

He seeks to guide our steps
not like owners and their pets
He grants us choices
freewill He endorses
but us for the future He preps

**Okay I sign off here mostly because I need to work and this poem seems to be going on and on..  Take it easy, follow your guide, may He bring you safely to the other side.


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