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Tobias the Tera fier

Note to self (aka tip for others): Never leave a glass of water where my cat can tip it onto me in the middle of the night.

Picture it>>>  it is 3:30am…the house is finally dark, my cat slinks into my room with malicious intent glued all over his face….His eyes flash as he …no wait I don’t have any light in the room it is pitch black.  All is calm and quiet  the world is at peace…until…  SPLASH

I didn’t scream though, so no one else knows about the mishap.  I am a problem solver, so I remove what is wet and replace with what I find in my room…because in all honest I just want to go back to sleep.  I was a tad concerned that my feather bed not get soaked, and it didn’t.  I slept well once I warmed up the now cold blankets, I guess the rush of the wind as I whipped them off my bed cooled them immensely. 

Well with the hot tub on Monday night, the stress of the main computer going down, staying up late each evening, and my cats happy evening adventures.. I am exhausted and getting a cold.  Yep it is fall..I love fall it is my favorite time of year.


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