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Stress… Why oh why do we rely so much on computers??  It is really hard to be calm when my boss constantly flies off the handle about things…  My theory is calmly look at it, and do not panic.  If we can not fix the situation, then we willtry the next available alternative.  Loss of time and revenue is tough, but it is not the end of the world so QUIT PUSHING!!!  Well please don’t push when I am close to the edge, raised voices and "the end is nigh" thinking do NOT help. now to explain the day.  Our main computer just started rebooting and rebooting and rebooting….  It turns out that the cooling block fell off of the main board.  We are not sure yet if it has cause unrepairable damage, but such is life….  on we go.  If we lost all our info I might cry… for a long long time.  Well okay for a couple of weeks… Then I have holidays…

AND now they are stating the obvious to me… I suggested where to go to get a replacement PC and all I get is.. "we need something now"  Well how about calling the computer tech that we are paying to monitor our system?  Or the competition who live right next door…  But no don’t listen to me, let’s just tinker with the part that is broke and hang out in Theresa’s office…  Yeah let’s do that… I can see she is stressing, let’s just mutter under our breath till she flips out… yeah good idea. 

Let’s just figure out what we are doing and MOVE ON.  Hello

Sigh…  patience… patience…  But what it all really means is that we will have to use pen and paper…but it doesn’t help for sale items.

I do not want to suggest anything more. because they just shoot my ideas down and they will do what ever they want when they want.  CALL THE TECH!!  Hello… the sooner we start the sooner it will get order and Hey.. the sooner we will be on our way.


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