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Ha! See I am always right…

Not to gloat more than necessary.. They called the tech, which I believe they would have done even without my suggesting… BUT THEN DO IT and don’t just talk about it!!  I am sure that’s a male philosophy… seems like it  JK JK
How often do we talk and talk and never do it.  It is one of the most frustrating things that I find with bible studies that I have attended.  I used to think ..Why are we talking about this and not going out into the world and doing it..but I have since realized that I am the only one who can make me do anything.  Others can suggest, direct, ask, influence and advise, but ultimately I have to do.  So if I want to do good I need to get off my self-pleasing backside and go out and do it.  I know I want to, but I have a very comfortable chair   I will try my best, but "I" can not do it with out "Him".
Well things have calmed down (I mean all of us even me), but the power continues to flicker.  We have a scheduled power outage for tomorrow at 4am-7am though it seems they are already working on it now.  Stop it and quit breaking out electronics!! 

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