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That storm…

Higgy we did get something like snow….HAIL.. harder…to make snowballs with though 😛

I had this thought, God saw that it was too hot in La Crete so He thought He would put ice in it to cool us off… and it worked.

I will put a video on FACEBOOK for those that want to see it.  It was a pretty cool storm, Rach and I went and watched it for a bit down by the lake.  When I got home I realized my cat was outside in the downpour, and I worry about him.  He thinks he can take care of himself, they get so independent   I knew I had to work the next day so I tried to go to sleep.  I heard a lightning strike that sounded like it was right by our house, and Toby screamed in the distance.  I thought for sure he was fried.  Being a concerned owner I got up to see if I could call him into the house, but that is when the hail started and I knew if he was gonna come in it was NOT gonna be in that!  He came in about 10 minutes later, puff hair, but dry…no frizzy hair that was smoking.  After that I went to sleep, I have been told that the storm got really loud, but as I was content that my cat was okay I slept peacefully.


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