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Highlights… I know I will forget something

Well I am home again… and I promise to post some pics that I took.  And possibly some my friend Rach took as well, she is a world class photographer and did many group shots of us.


– Elora Gorge>> a gorge that runs through the heart of Elora.  Tall beautiful interesting and mysterious… with a hint of "will those rocks fall on me?!?!"  A real neat place to take ones family for a dip in some water or to explore a cave.  We missed the main entrance, but got the view that the locals would get.

– The Amish>> with out taking any pictures I got a chance to see the way they live.  The hay stoked a certain way, white houses with out curtains, horse and buggy, little boys and girls all dressed in the Amish style.  All together pretty cool.

– Pinecroft Pottery>>  a hidden treasure, such a picturesque relaxing area…  They have a studio and a lake ..oh yes and a store 😛  They have a swan that came gliding right to us, he seemed to think we might feed him …poor guy was left starving!!

– Aylmer>> besides being the home of the Rempels, it is a beautiful community, interesting houses and buildings, friendly people, clean, a wonderful walking trail.  I really felt welcomed into the area, and it was hard to leave.

– Winter wheat>> a whimsical place…:-P

– Lake Erie>>  on a hot and sunny day it would be fantastic!  It was sure beautiful and interesting…  not as exciting as I thought, but I am not such a beach person and the flies seemed to like to eat me.

I think the biggest highlight was Pauline & Eddy, and their extended family.  We played "the bean game" and had a great time.  I am not really a game person, but they made us play.. and made us enjoy it too!!  Just kidding, they all made me feel very welcome and I really enjoyed their playful inviting spirit!


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