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Not much happening today 🙂

I deleted my previous blog, as I had blogged some pretty cute limericks, but the author didn’t like that I had so many or that there was no link to their site.  I guess I am not computer savvy enough today, since I could not get the link to work for her site.  But search limericks I am sure it will pop up. 

I can understand her point as she is a journalist (if I read correctly), her words are her money.  That is why I sent her an e-mail asking if it was okay if I blogged them.  I can honestly say that I was hoping she wouldn’t mind how I had blogged it, as her name was by each limerick.  But when you ask permission then you have to follow what they say. 

I wonder sometimes if I should protect my work, either written or drawn.  I am not sure how I would go about it, and I am not sure I am energetic enough to figure it out.  I guess I enjoy sharing more than trying to earn a living from something.  Maybe I under value myself, but I have a pays the bills and I am happy.

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