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Life is a well structured game;
we’re not the players,

we’re the pieces.

~A MountainWings Original by C. Etteyo, St. Germain, WI~

Interesting idea, who are the players then?  Does this statement mean I have no control of my life?  I believe God gave me free will so I could choose to follow Him,or not… Sounds to me like I have a certain amount of choice.  I choose to follow Him.  I do not want to be a hypocrite either.

Recently on a certain game I play I was listening when one other player stated from his life experience that "Christians are all hypocrites".  I was hurt (not offended by the statement).  Hurt that Jesus’ love had been misrepresented in such a way as to drive him away from faith in Him.  I started think what in my life represents this duality,and what represents the true love of Christ.  What do I do in my life to show my love for Jesus and the people He has put around me?  Am I a hypocrite? 

When I first started to follow Jesus I did not know the scope or depth of that commitment, but in the last few years I have come to learn what I have promised.  In general I would say I was a decent person, honest, trust-worthy, loving person…perhaps a trouble maker at times and someone who goes a bit far when teasing.  (even making grown men cry over their spelling errors 😛 jk)  I know I have an aspect of myself that can cause me problems, I guess it is a weakness of sorts, but so far I have kept myself from crossing certain lines.  Okay that is only part true, God has kept me from it as He has kept me from situations that would tempt me into that sin.  I think if I had had opportunities earlier in life I might have fallen into it head over heels, as it is I have fallen into it verbally at times, and definitely in my imagination I have fallen on my butt.  I have been real good the last 30days, but I know if I let go of my self-control I’ll slide right in there again. 
My defenses?  I am changing my thinking, keeping myself accountable and changing the train of thought when I head that direction.  I am reading the 4 gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) each morning..NO not the whole thing, but a chapter at a time.  This way I will know the life of Jesus while He was on this earth.  I have also taken the stance of forgiving myself, if I miss a day or make a mistake I start new again and move forward.  The sooner I get back on track the further I will get down the narrow road..right? 
I am jumping into life with both feet, and I want to hit the ground running.  I want to be strong, but I know I am weak…I know someone who is strong.  " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13.  So I guess getting to my point, even though there are certain pleasurable things I might desire to do, my desire to follow Jesus and represent Him honorably must be stronger, must come first.  I know well enough that I have no desire to be apart from the Jesus I know,and who knows me, therefore I can not participate in any action that pulls me away from Him.  He is the reason I smile, and I know I do not deserve all that He has graciously allowed me to do, have or the people He has brought into my life. 

Okay I best stop before I get ahead of myself 😛  God bless you today, He is there waiting for you even if you choose not to know Him (and that brings Him sorrow untold)  My prayer is to see you all in His glory with me, but the choice is yours, not mine, to make and I will respect your choice.

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