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Trust we must

To tell you the truth
I don’t know what to say
I guess I could just
tell you to have a nice day

But I want to trust you
with all that there is of me
that you will understand
who I really want to be

To trust that you will trust me
whether I am near or far
to know that your on my side
no matter how bizarre

Now I have to trust you
to find out if you really see
the person who I am
who I have always wanted to be

To trust your wise ways
the truth in what you have to say
how you keep me accountable
in the little things of each day

I need to trust you
so you can trust me
because with out trust
where would our friendship be?

I guess I tell you what I need to
because I love you
I pray you understand,
But it hurts more not to

~ ~ Theresa Janzen ~ ~

I need to get over my own fears of people not understanding me or being on my side.  I need to talk about things that I feel like people will tell me I am crazy and will not trust me to venture out on my own.  I want to LIVE this life God has graciously given me, and not bury it in the "safety" of La Crete.  What some people think is a risk, is hardly risky when compared to what other people do…and God is going to be there too.  I  may be crazy but I am a living crazy, and a trusting crazy.  I do not think I am a gullible crazy..perhaps a little spontaneous though.  Stubborn too LOL  (my mind just danced through the thought "what is done is done and I am going to do it")


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