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Finding another poem :-P

Finding Home

Here I stand, feet on the ground
my minds awake and looks around
ask me a question and get a blank stare
cause even though I look it, I’m not there

I am in a different time, the future I’d say
On an adventure, I travel this way
to find the future and unravel the past
don’t worry too much the voyage won’t last

Soon I come home, but the return is not always sweet
I hit this ground with a flat sound emitting from my feet
I land back here in a time I don’t know
I guess like Higgy says I am waiting for the snow

One day I’ll look back from the future I saw
and think of this day and it will seem raw
a time of wandering and searching out truth
of knowing oneself and acting the sleuth

Will you be there too, in the future I see?
I hope your there as happy as can be
One moment, one look and you will know
I truly have found my way home

Theresa Janzen (July 15/16, 2008)

God bless the journey and may He lead me  through each step and all that I do.


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