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Mini Me is coming to get me…AHHHHH!

My niece is coming tomorrow for a summer holiday!!  Yahooo!!  Her name is the same as mine…see I am fabulous..people name their babies after me.  She is a hand full at times and now a teenager, she is emotional and loving and vibrant.  She is wonderful!!  She is blonder than all get out…gorgous too!  I can not remember if it was her or I that challenged her or I to a "sexy off".  I told her that in the bikini department she won, but I had 3" more sexy than she (5′ 4" vs 5′ 7").  In other departments I beat her as well, bur we didn’t go there  😛  It was a fun silly little argument, you know…the best kind!

I hope to get some girl time in with her before she leaves us for her other set of Grandparents on the farm.  She loves being on the farm, the people, the animals and that sense of belonging that I know she feels there.   It is hard having her live so far away at times, I can not imagine how people deal with being oceans apart. 

Well another chapter of my life seen it’s close, or at least tapered off, yesterday.  I am okay with it though, it was honest and honorable so that is good.  I felt relief that the frustration I was feeling was not all selfish wanting and a demanding nature.  I didn’t like feeling that I was heaping pressure on a already pressured individual, and now I can relax, enjoying my summer more.  One door closes and another opens… right?  I will trust in the Lord, but I have to remain true to what I did learn and not travel back down roads I feel ashamed to travel.  I have to stay as holy as I can (I know that means not holy at all.. but try my best to live up to the image of Christ.).

Anyone got a good joke?  My sources seem to be preoccupied at the moment LOL


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