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My mind on things

I figured it out… What?.. Oh my brain and it’s current state. 

My one brother is having legal issues which started a while back, and his trial is on the 15th of this month.  I have tried, consciously and subconsciously, pushing the matter from my mind so I would not worry about it.  Telling myself that I am placing it in God’s hands..but quite honestly I was just putting it in a closet and letting it rattle about once in a while.  I have no idea how to handle it emotionally, and so with this knowledge please filter my blogs

I am sure I will get irrational, annoyed, hurt and sensitive over the next two weeks.  I pray that it will be relief that sweeps over me after the 15th, but I fear that more dread will creep in.  How does one deal with things beyond our control?  Especially things that hurt our family and those we love.

I realize that I have been getting angry and defensive when people bring this subject up.  They ask me question after question and the honest answer is I do not know.  My brother does not know, his wife does not know, so can you just pray.  Thanks.

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