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MONDAY no Wednesday.. phew

Back to work oh what a drag
It is worse than being in a paper bag
Up at dawn or close to that hour
Why oh why did the milk go sour?

Back to work to slave away
All I need is a holiday
You who laugh at this poem
Know your not alone

You know what I am feeling
You know the moment your life hits the ceiling

Blah.. I don’t feel like writing this anymore…  😛  You holiday goes I feel your pain, the thought of you relaxing makes me insane!!   Just kidding… the only reason I would ever want to be a kid again would be so I could have summers off.  I guess if I was young enough I would have 365 off days LOL  .. you know off my rocker…  like now.  I need either a good laugh or a good cry.. or to laugh till I cry or something like that ….

It hasn’t been a bad day, just me seeing things from the wrong angle, and a tad impatient.  Not sure why could be well a regularly schedule female program, rats… Well praise the Lord for that… Sigh.. actually it has been a good day if I really look at it, I just want to stick my head in the sand today.  I mean I actually defended my Blackberry’s honor with a customer.  Duh that was stupid…  I tried so hard to not be defensive as well.  I am having a off day after all ….. GRRRRR! 

ode to BB

Oh my sweet BB
how you shine and twinkle
not so long ago that we met
now you are my sweetest pet

My cat Toby is jealous as can be
He wants to be the most
precious thing to me
Oh my sweet BB

Not true just a fact.. yep my cat loves me…when I have a can opener in hand….


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