Thought conveyance portal.

Sunday poem…

I was looking for humor to share in this blog
When out of nowhere serious issues came like fog

They changed my view of what I would say
They changed a lot of what I will think of today

This morning three people were baptized
Declaring their faith saw families hopes realized

They told of their youth, though young they still are
The sin of this world on their life left a scar

They hoped for redemption, acceptance and love
They knew the truth could only come from above

The Saviour is calling to the lost in the world
The noises of life in their faces get hurled

As Christians we pray for those who don’t know
Of our Saviour’s love, that which we should show

A world so torn by war, famine and strife
Yet One so holy should give freely His life

Can we not give one moment in time?
For all He has done in your life and mine?

One moment, one smile, a thought or a tear
One moment for others to encourage or cheer

One random thought poem to help me clear my mind
One moment with friends to share blessings in kind

One day made more special by seeing the blessings one has
One person so spoiled by all that God has brought to pass

~~First draft ~~ possible redraft coming as I cannot seem to say what I want in a non specific random way LOL

It is funny how the first thought of the day can change the way the day goes, or the last thought at night my shape your repose.  Start each day with God, counting your blessings and looking at the joy in your life, and each evening reflecting on the blessings of that day.  Words of wisdom revamped a tad.  But if you start looking for negatives you will not be disipointed, if you look for positives you will be encouraged.

My mind is not cleared I might add, yesterday was filled with seriousness.  A lady who lost all her kids in a serious vehicle accident, a woman killed ina bombing…um baptisim and the testimonies given, my own frailities when it comes to large gatherings of people and my fear of doing something stupid or not know ing to behave in a certain way and feeling inadequate..thusly running away from said situation.  I like toi follow someones lead when it comes to formalish public gatherings, because I tend to do stuff a little different than what some people feel is normal, or is it that I precieve that I do things different and therefore hold myself back from thouroughly enjoying myself? ( and no spell checker on this old laptop of please bear with me :-P)


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