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Stuff I like to call “thoughts”

Sigh…  whenever I notice I feel a certain way about the way I have been treated I reflect on myself.."do I treat them that way?  Man…now I know how they feel"

Sometimes when I talk about my issues (they are not real problems more concerns) I just want someone to listen, not to comment, not to offer advice, not to judge me, just to listen..and to say I accept you and hear you.  Not everything I say is 100% accurate either, and I know that…I even know it when it pops out.  it is nice to be held accountable, but I know more about my life than anyone else.   So now I wonder do I always offer advice or try and "encourage" growth, or do I simply listen when that is what is required?

Sometimes the things I need to talk about are the very things I have no idea how to express, and so they come out wrong.  I have fustrations fRustrations and thoughts that I just do not know how to talk about, and some that feel very un-Christ like but are very real to who I am.  Sexuality is one of them… I wouldn’t know where to start or what to say, I generally do not know what to think either.  I do know that it is a real and important topic in a single Christian’s life.  I don’t care who you are either… it is an issue.  Some people seem to have it all knit together and are having no problems, but then you talk to them and brush on the subject and a person soon realizes that they are in a similar boat too. 

What needs to be done to support Christian singles?  How do we find encouragement or give encouragement in this?  Ha ha I know some of my friends might have a few interesting ideas, but I am of the belief that celibacy is (oh I hate to say it.. I sound so legalistic and judgmental) the right way.. well the way expressed in the Bible as correct.  Sigh… and here is where I loose all focus and commitment to further this commentary…  There are so many angles, questions and queries.  Everyones struggles vary and are equally complex…  what to do what to say…

I often hear (and say) that "the church" has no idea what to do with Christian adult singles…but I have no clue either.  SOMEONE figure this out!!  I have to say that the church group I attend are just learning who I am, ..perhaps I don’t make it easy for them.  I am trying to participate and be an active member and not just a bench warmer.  It has made a difference.  I need to work on not loosing focus as other things start happening in my life, to keep my eyes on the prize as it were…  I know I can’t do it with out the Lord, so I need to continue to learn about Him, talk to Him, and take time to KNOW Him.  He has it figured out, I am pretty sure…

Booga Booga   (I need to go work didn’t know how to wrap this up…that was how I chose to LOL)


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