Thought conveyance portal.

Please laugh with me…

Not at me…

I sent myself an e-card… isn’t that silly.  I didn’t preview it I just picked one and sent it to me.  It felt good to know I thought highly of me… the hard part was in realizing that I might be a tad crazy.  At least I knew it was from me and didn’t think it was from someone else.

One thing I have learned over the years is that a person sends/gives gifts that they would like to receive.  I send e-cards because I want to get e-cards..well and there is also the "I appreciate the person" aspect of it.  I guess more the second part, but sometimes the first part comes to mind.  I tame it down by sending myself a joke or googling one. 

Wow I just got an e-mail from an old friend… they were saying I was hard to find..  I don’t think so.  I have blogged here for nigh on 3 years now, and don’t see signs of stopping.  And yes I blog more than once a day..I can’t help that I continue to think long after I have blogged.  New ideas and thoughts pop in my head, and I don’t have enough noise to ignore them at the moment so I talk here.  I’m figuring, perhaps if I can get them out of my head they might percolate into being part of my life..rather than just a good intention.  Of course it could be that I like talking about myself and am too proud to admit it IRL so I talk about me here…  Hmmm…  I think I want positive ideas and attitudes to filter into my life so I can be a better person..that’s the one.

An Ode du Teddy Blair

Teddy Blair has some flair
8 foot tall is not too small
A smile grand and a laugh kept at hand
not everything he does goes as planned

Teddy Blair takes some care
Reckless abandon he runs like a cannon
past us all..then oops Slip Anfall
Then comes an emergency call!

Teddy Blair..ARE YOU THERE?
Ludakriss just can’t miss
Days gone by.. makes me cry
How he warped us by and by!!

A friend I see, yes true indeed
He tries to meet our every need
Offers help, or laughs in vain
to those he calls his hineys pain

Off with my hat, his shoulder to pat
Thanks for the fun, and we have had a ton
A few years gone by, it’s no lie
May there be many more…now I cry…

Happy Birthday you crazy friend!!


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