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Keep trying

"How to be good without really trying" by Mike Flynn. Sounds like a self help book doesn’t it. It kind of is a self improvement book for Christians, but also a self actualization book as well. Just when I think I know myself I do something that surprises me, or I see a characteristic reflected back to me from something I have said.

I continue to seek justification from my friends. I am one of those people who use others as sounding boards and hope to hear back… that’s okay, don’t worry about it. The honest truth is I need to stand up for my own convictions more and not worry (not be rude either) about what others think. If I am happy with my choices people who know me will accept them.

This should make things easier…right? The only problem now is when do I go "to far" in blocking something out of my life. How much of the gray area do I allow in my life and how much do I block out? I guess there is some that is personal choice and I need to decide. Then all that will be left is sticking to it…easy right? Just kidding Life is life, God never promised it would be easy, He promises to stick with us as we keep trying.


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