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Monday… is that a swear word?

I am actually having a good Monday, but I have heard from some others and they are not.  I have decided to do research on the days of the week.. 

Fact: More American workers (18%) call sick on Friday than any other day of the
week. Tuesday has the lowest percent of absenteeism (11%).
Does that mean we like Tuesdays better?  And we are sick of Fridays?

I found this blog… (saves me typing out the research )

Interesting Facts About Monday, the Second Day of the Week

By Kassidy Emmerson, published Jan 21, 2008

Monday. The first day of the work
week we all dread to see. The Mamas and the Papas sang "Every other day
of the week is fine- yeah! But whenever Monday comes, but whenever
Monday comes, you can find me cryin’ all of the time" in their 1966
hit, "Monday, Monday." The Bangles referred to it as being frenzied in
their 1986 hit song "Manic Monday." No one has much good to say about
this day that follows Sunday and precedes Tuesday. Read this
informative article and find out some interesting facts about Monday,
the second day of the week, that might make you feel differently about
this day!

Named Days
Monday, which originally got
its name from the moon, has many days named for it. These include:
Cyber Monday (follows Thanksgiving- refers to the increase in online sales); Easter Monday (follows Easter and is celebrated as a holiday in some cultures); Handsel Monday (first of the new year in which gifts
are given to convey good wishes in Scotland and Northern England; Clean
Monday (or Ash Monday- the first day of Lent. Refers to being free from sin);
Monday (ESPN’s College Basketball presentation); Black Monday (October
19, 1987- the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 508 points.)

An interesting fact about Monday, the second day of the week,
is that it’s also referred to as "Blue Monday." The name is thought to
have started because the first day of the work week used to be set aside for doing the laundry. Bluing was used to keep white clothes from becoming dingy and gray. From that product, wash day became known as "Blue Monday."
though Monday isn’t always wash day today, the term "Blue Monday" still
exists. However, it’s meaning is different. It now refers to the day
when employees have to return to work
after a weekend break. Another interesting fact about Monday, the
second day of the week, is it’s the most likely day for workers to have
heart attacks. The British Medical Journal reported a 20% increase in heart attacks on Mondays as opposed to the other days of the week. The attacks may be caused by stress and high blood pressure caused by returning to work.


Interesting Facts About Monday, the Second…

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Interesting Facts About Monday, the Second…

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