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Dry Cake

Today I thanked the Lord for being able to learn from my friend’s experience and for me not having to go through what she is.  Phew…  Of course this then raises questions in my mind …yet again… about what i really want in life.  I always think I know, but I think that things are different when you have them, then when you look at what other people have.  We really only see what we choose to see, unless something else smacks us up side the head..(and I mean real hard other wise who notices!!)

I have been asked to order and deliver a cake for two people.  The pastor’s wife is turning 60 and another friend is turning 70..  What do I write on the cake?  Oh I want something funny that they will appreciate!  Any suggestions?  I need to get the cake today though…  but suggestions after the fact could be fun.

I’ll post what I decide afterwards… I told the lady who asked me to pick it up that I had a bad sense of humor..  She said "then we will enjoy your bad sense of humor"   I hope they like dry cake…. JK 

"Age is a number and mine is unlisted." <<  Roxy’s suggestion.. I think it will do


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