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3 little bears

I saw the three bears!!  Well I saw three bears..perhaps they were not the ones Goldie Locks saw, but it sure was cool.  They were so fast to get off the highway that I thought they would be long gone when we blew past..  But I guess baby bear followed his instinct to climb a tree for safety and zoom zoom up he went.  Momma bear and sister bear (I am guessing at the sister part since she remained calm and actually listened to her mother..sounds like a girl thing to do ) waited at the base of the tree for him to climb down. 

My friend Jye wanted to get out of the car to take pictures, I would not let her.  "How fast could they run??"  FACT!  Running Speed: Lean bears
can exceed 30 mph.  and yes she was in the bush, but nothing stands between a mother and the protection of her young.  I think they moved pretty fast into the brush.. they could move just as fast out of the brush!!

I’ll add some pics in the May08 adventure album about our little jaunt.  We decided to cross over the ferry, instead of drive back towards town, both for the excitement and the efficiency.  It is a pretty cool experience to be on the water  (NOT STRANDED ON AN ISLAND..ask me about Newfoundland some time).  My favorite least expensive part of Seattle was the harbor tour, was cool to travel for $8 to Bainbridge Island WA..  The cool breeze in your hair, sun on your face, the sounds and smells of open water.  I need to learn to swim…sigh and to think I have a fear of water LOL.

When we got to High Level we found that most of the stores were closed on Sundays.  I wasn’t worried since we had come for an adventure and already seen the bears, rode the Ferry and laughed like crazy.  It was a fantastic day!  And no one got eaten by bears, that made it more special.

The other thing that made it better was that there was a power outage at home from 1-6pm.  It was a scheduled one, all went well and the power resumed.  My Internet however did not go according to schedule.  I got home and it was down   I got it working for a little while but then it flopped for no reason at all??  I guess  it was okay cause that was around 1am or so.   I needed to sleep too!!


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