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Please ignore random ranting of a have crazed insomniac

Okay last night someone said they had a "immortal mule", my thought went to "so that makes him permanently half-ass?".  But I couldn’t bring myself to say it on Teamspeak (a program where goof balls converse whilst serious players try and get their points across), but as tired as I was there was a fear that if I relaxed too much I would say a whole lot more.  Wally’s comments were not helping matters either.  Sorry for being a hypocrite, typing it and saying it are the same. 
Even thinking it really…  Life happens and there you are.  Sorry if I
seem judgmental as well.. I don’t think I have everything figured out,
but sometimes I act like it.  I do really want to honor God with my life, but I keep falling short.  He says He has more 2nd starts than I can have failed attempts, and I trust Him on that.

See this is why I need to sleep more…  when I am awake I think… and think… and think…  Okay sometimes I ponder, wonder, dwell, giggle, draw a blank and stare off into space, but other than that I think   Sleep is an important part of life…isn’t it?

I think I started taunting Cel…  is I my nature to taunt those that know me well enough to cause me serious stress?  I taunt DMs that I know well..  Hmmm  What kind of person taunts…WAIT A MINUTE… Cel is my PEER, HA!  WAIT A MINUTE…  Wow now you can see how my brain process information….  I hope this is a lesson to all you out there… let me…make me… (Ha more like try and make me) get a good nights rest.  Nite nite.. I mean bye bye

Had to add this cool quote:

The Cyclone


The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center.

So does a person.

~Norman Vincent Peale~


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