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Larry & Eva Wieler lost their 10yr old son last year in January, they are still grieving the loss.  About a month ago Larry fell from a ladder while putting in a bay window.  He fell two through the ceiling to the basement below, through the hanging ceiling, landing on his head.  He suffered massive head trauma and was flown to Edmonton Alberta to receive treatment.  It has not been going good for him, he is currently in a coma after surgery on his back, he has had 3 strokes…  please read what his wife wrote in an e-mail (unedited).  She is in Edmonton alone for the most part, their other children are here in La Crete and their families as well.  Please pray for her and her family.  I can not imagine what she is going through…

     it is now 4 weeks since larrys fall. this definitley
hasnt progressed the way that we had hoped.
this is what the intensivist (icu doctor) gave me today
   larry has sustained extensive and irreversible damage
to multiple areas of the brain on both sides, due to the 3 large
strokes that
happened as a result of the vasospasms (spasming of the brain). it is
considered an uncommon event that these cause massive stroke
 and so we can say they are beyond anyones control. this has given him a
low chance (not no chance, god still may give us a miracle) of recovery.
based on that fact they are saying that he will be moved out of the icu
tomorow. he will stay out on the ward 4A2 for 2-3 weeks
. he will be given necessary treatment and physio (because that sometimes is
the deciding factor in how things go)
he will not be accepted back into the icu at any point. if he somehow gets
so well that he is suitable for rehab at the
glenrose then he will be going there after he leaves here. if not then he will
go back to fort vermilion for palliative care.
we do not know where god is leading us but we are ready to follow. when we pray
with our whole hearts that part comes
naturally. the hurt isnt so easy but it is manageable for now.
i know that it will hit me like a stone when it needs to.
it is a good thing to be able to be human in this way .
 we must remember that hurt feelings are not a sign of weakness,
they are a sign of sensitivity and compassion and love.
when we are weak then we can truely be strong in christ 
one more thing that i wanted to mention is that we appreciate all of the
prayers and help that has been given to our family
at this most difficult time.
love eva


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