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Movie of the week “AUGUST RUSH”

August Rush!!   Watch it.

I know it is a tad older, it has been out on DVD for a while now.  You guys rent it for your girls, and enjoy (or let them enjoy with their girl friends).
I cried, I enjoyed the music, I enjoyed the joy of the boy when he played music from his heart, I loved the message and I even picked a favorite quote.

The message to me was the whole faith of a mustard seed, or the child like faith.  I know it is not real life, or a Christian movie, but the boy was a innocent fellow and he had faith ever so pure and strong.  In real life he would have been squashed, but it was a movie of hope and joy.  Well done, worth the watching for the music alone I think.

My quote that makes me laugh even now… "Are you thinking what I am thinking?", asked Arther .."No I am thinking something different.", answered Evan. LOL  I need to have that response sometimes!!  My usual response would be "Ummm  what are you thinking?"

Are YOU thinking what I am thinking???


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