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Fear factor -2008-

Last week, a deadly Cyclone hit Myanmar. If you’ve already supported
our relief efforts there, please accept my sincere thanks. World Vision
has already helped over 88,000 survivors so far. But now China’s
earthquake comes on the heels of the disaster in Myanmar.

Thousands are dead and tens of thousands more unaccounted for
after the 7.9 magnitude earthquake devastated Sichuan Province—one of
the country’s most densely-populated regions.

Entire villages were reduced to rubble. Telecommunications are
down. Landslides have blocked roads. And heavy rains hamper rescue

**  so much happening already this year **
** What are we doing to help?  I know some give to charities that send aid to these disasters, but what are we doing? 
We have to work to encourage one another so we can feel able to help
others.  Just hearing about death, earthquake, cyclone, SARS, global
warming, divorce, adultery, injustice…  can really place us in a
state of fear.  I was in a teleconference recently and they talked
about the rising costs of this or that ..even food..  The presenters
comment "let’s capitalize on these fears and make some sales".  Let’s
not eh?  I mean sales are good, but I do not want to burden someone
with the fears of this world to make a buck.. no thanks.  We need to
fight against the media that just puts fear in our hearts and worry on
our minds.   And to the presenter of the product..your package is good enough to sell itself, no need to scare people into it. How about we present it honest and true, they will love it.

Please send one good thought to one person today that says put your
trust in the One who is our rock in times of trouble.  I often just
want someone to look me in the eye and say, "it will be okay in the
end".  And have them mean it… that and a hug to follow, but beware
today you’d have a wet shoulder, I am a tad sensitive.  I mean I was listening to my voice mail and I almost cried because my nephew called to tell me he was going to the park (he called 3 times cause he kept changing his mind LOL, cool kid).

Encourage those you love, they need you, and they need to know you are listening.  You’ll be surprised to know that sometimes they are waiting eagerly for you to stop and say something encouraging. 

I just have felt heavy laden and duh!!! I get off easy, what am
I worrying about.  I have a good job, in a great country, food to eat, family who care for me, friends who can not get enough of me (that alone should shock the socks off of me), kindness from those who are learning who I am.. and a nephew who, though he fights with me tooth and nail, still respects me enough to go to school this morning.  I love all my nieces and nephews, but I am privileged to live with’s a whole other thing to live with a kid in the house << it is a smile honest!!

I am giving my worries over to the One who knows all my
thoughts even the ones I keep from myself.  I will do what I can to give to those in need. Please Lord grant me the wisdom and grace to see the person in need.  May you open my mind to see what they are in need of as well.  Provide me with patience and compassion to be there as a true friend. Amen


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