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One Day .. Poem

You say you love me,
but I don’t hear,
that’s what happens when you draw near.

You say it’s lovely,
but I don’t see
that’s what happens to things next to me.

You say this is fun,
but I don’t know,
which way in this world I am supposed to go.

Who are you,
and why do you care,
I can’t feel you or see you here??

You say you love me,
Show me how?
Do you really think you know me now?

You ask no questions,
and I tell no lies, (yeah I stole that but it works )
All I hear are my silent cries.

I wait for questions,
I won’t tell lies
How can I these truths disguise?

An open book,
a page dog eared,
Is this it? Yeah that’s my biggest fear.

A white knight,
A love sick fool,
either one make could turn out cool

A true friend,
A honest soul
that is what will fill this hole.

A shoulder gentle,
A hand to hold
Would that someone would be so bold.

With gentle smile,
and laughter sweet,
Oh I pray this one to meet

One day..
I am told
His heart I will hold

One day…I say with great dismay
One day

By Theresa Janzen  Written May 13 at 11pm..all in one day


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