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I thinks I might have bitten off more than I can chew this time…  I can be patient with people, I can be patient with stuff… but I HATE WAITING.    Okay how about I dislike, loath, cringe at, fie at, growl at, the thought, possibility or inkling of waiting.  Yeah if that is a proper sentence it properly represents my sentiments to a slight degree.  It is even hard waiting for some one to bring retribution for a past deed. 

In this case I really didn’t do anything at all.  Really everyone should pity me, for the good old boys are gonna pick on me!!  I mean so I killed one guy 3 times, the first time I only meant to hurt him, and the other two times were because I wanted to walk over his dead body but my other friend kept resurrecting the dude. So I had to keep killing him till I had the chance.  SEE Not my fault!!

The other one was merely me doing a favor for one friend.  If I had known he would use the pictures in an offensive way I would have done it for him so it would have looked better!!  I mean I wouldn’t have done it…yeah that is what I meant…

And now I am getting veiled and NON-veiled threats.  I mean I hardly deserve to be kept waiting… I mean if your gonna get revenge be quick about it!!  (That should make him wait even longer right… I figure if he waits a week he will have forgotten and I will be safe…  that’s usually how it works )  Do not torture me with waiting!!  (honestly I have had to learn to wait for things in my life…  waiting is second nature (rats did I have to say that…Grrr))

I recently did a bible study course on forgiveness!  I can give lessons if you guys need it.  You know it is really a blessing to the person who does the forgiving even more than the one who is forgiven.  So really you would be doing yourselves a great service to just forgive me and move on.  Okay??  Um  guys??  Hello?  Is that a no?  Wait what finger was that?  You were just point at me right??  …


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