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My adventures begin this summer…

Adventures in the sun… yep that is my life right now!!  I told you all I was easily entertained… why do you think I get along with you all soo much

It is amazing how great a day can be when you have a friend, wheels, cameras, a white sheet (we named him Gib), props, quirky ideas, a good sense of humor, water & fruit-o s (a healthy picnic LOL), kites, shoes (still glad about these fantastic shoes I purchased!), sunshine, grass (not pot DUH!  we are high on life!) and a creative look on things.  If we had had a ladder we would have been on the ferry… I believe Rach and I will be taking pictures on Sunday… and we WILL have a ladder!! 

The river is all covered with that lovely gray whitish stuff we call rotten ice!  It was moving though.  Fantastic views from the Canada Maximus Lodge!!  Gray and gross right now.. but fantastic in the summer, fall times.

We spent from 11am ish to 4:30 ish goofing off driving around, flying a kite, getting the living tar scared out of us…I didn’t mention the near fatal accident??  Well  we would have been fine, Roxy’s car possibly dented but the moronic dirt biker would have been toast!  I am not sure if they were trying to turn us on or make us wet ourselves…most likely the last one though!!  We were driving on this sandy twisty road, and they decided to drive on either side of the car.  Unfortunately for the one on the right the guy on the left was faster… and when the L guy had gotten up to the drivers door he gunned the engine.. we had not even heard them till then.  I scream then Roxy scream..then we both screamed.  Roxy started to pull to the right.. then I screamed again.  Then Roxy saw the other bike and just stopped the car.  We were having a Sunday know the type… the ones that seem to amble along at a very slow rate of speed, so the guy on the Right was lucky.  If we had  been going faster we would have sent him flying.  It is almost funny…but not.. but sort of…

Well yeah.. I am at work again, I did get here an hour and a half early since I wanted to put the pics up and make a blog.  I am house sitting again so no good PC to be found, only a slow laptop.  It is good for checking e-mail and playing solitaire but that is about all!!  Bye Bye


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