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Shoe Shine

Wow that was a quick trip…but I got my shoes.  I know the picture only shows one..BUT I GOT TWO!! 

You know we were only in High Level for 3 hours and we managed to cause someone to have road rage.  My dad dropped his vehicle off at the dealer and jokingly said, "Hey have you got anything with plates we can use to drive around in while the trucks in the shop?"  The owner said to Doug, "Get him the keys to a new GMC diesel truck.  Let him test drive it."  So off we went to Subway for breakfast wraps (it was 8am) and then shoe shopping. 
     I think it is hard to drive a vehicle with those big paper stickers plastered on the window.  On our way back we pulled away from a stop sign and found ourselves in front of an oncoming vehicle.  The black truck honked at us of course (which is his/her right and we accepted we were in the wrong), but then proceeded to follow us back to the dealership, right onto the yard.  I guess they gave up their pursuit and left….for which I will be eternally thankful (though I will have forgotten by tomorrow..but in my heart I will be thankful)  I am very thankful we did not cause an accident. 
     My shoes fit me fantastically good!   I knew I was going to buy them when I read "Asics", for I have fond memories of the shoes I purchased in Seattle.  I wore them right out of the store and all week with no problems.  We walked a lot in Seattle, and no blisters or sore feet.

I was thinking about the Matrix movies today.  I have had friends who tell me that they share a Christian message, and others that say they have a new age message.  Well duh they are movies and you can glean many messages from movies depending on your perspective when you watch them.  The one thing that struck me about the third movie was how Neo connects to the machine, thus bridging the gap and ending the war.  He knew how to communicate to the machines and bring understanding.  Jesus does that for us, He bridges the gap between a holy God and a unholy mankind.  God abhors sin and Jesus is our channel to be cleansed from sin and enter into communion with God the Father.  Jesus intercedes for us.
Now I do not endorse the Matrix movies as Christian films, but I think they are cool   I just think we need to keep our eyes open for the lessons God wants to teach us and be ready to share what we learn in a loving and caring way.  Rose colored glasses and all that too.  Keep positive..I mean if you are reading this you can jump for joy for many reasons:
1- you can see
2- you can read
3- your breathing
4- you have access to a computer ..and the internet
5- you know me and know how fabulous I am, what a genius and witty too!!!…

Okay!  That last one is a stretch but you get the idea.  Count your many blessings and be positive, it is what gets me through some days and keeps me from being in the blues for too long.  Have a good day


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