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It’s good to laugh..ha ha ..ha ha ..breath BREATH!

LOL!!  I just have the overwhelming urge to laugh…  and yes it is overwhelming!!  My friend sent me this e-mail that used artists names to tell the story.  I replied with " Dumas!!  Sorry he is a writer.."  She had no clue what I meant..LOL  Do you get it?  Come on it is a kids joke…  LMAO

Wow and I was all sentimental (more mental perhaps) about the friends I have been privileged to know over the last few years of my so far very short life…   I was asked if I was 24 yet, I said I was …once..  I find if you whisper the once they do not continue to guess at my age, and really I am humble enough to accept 24 as my age.  But anyway I got sidetracked by myself again sorry…  I am just honored when people share their lives with me, and wanted to say thanks!  Do not think you have gotten rid of me or anything… I am saying thanks and plan on  pestering anyone who lets me for a long long long LONG time.  Well as long as the Lord allows me too anyway.  I wonder how many peeps I can call "Dumas" and get away with it?

Tonight I am gonna play EZT…  I have no clue when it starts MST but I will join when I get home.  Tomorrow I get to spend the morning with my Dad, he needs to drive over an hour to get a 10 minute job done on his truck!!  The pleasures of living in a remote area   I am going to buy shoes…cause I need a new pair of runners.. and I do not have enough shoes yet…never will I imagine, mores the pity…NOT!  I promise myself I will toss one pair this time… I forgive myself ahead of time in case I do not… I can read too. (trust me at least one person should know what I mean by the last 4 words…unless they are a Dumas too)

Speaking of reading…  if anyone has ever seen "The Princess Bride" (if you haven’t ..what is wrong with you *whacks back of head of the unsuspecting uneducated misinformed non viewer!!) then you should read the book.  I am not finished yet, but it is really fun to read and different than the movie.  The characters are quite similar but more in depth.  One thing I really enjoy is how the author puts stuff in parenthesis that is silly and often makes little to no sense…  Reminds me of another fabulous writer.  I mean really when you are writing something often times a word or a thought pops in and you just want to share the silliness (rats!! nothing silly popped into my mind so that I could give an example.).


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