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Nice car!

Wow I went two days with out blogging… I must have a life after all…  Hmmm?  I actually thought I blogged yesterday?? I hope it wasn’t good stuff since I don’t see it here.

I can honestly say things are getting busier at work lately.  And I am being more focused..boy does that help.  I blazed a trail from 8-9:30 today steady work…JK  I worked till 11:30 when I got lunch…  After lunch got a little dicey but by 1 I was back in the work groove.  I think I did very well for someone who got up at 5:30am after going to bed after midnight.  Here I am at 9pm and not tired yet…blasted Pepsi I had yesterday…  

My brother gave me a ride in his Hot Wheels, a nice smooth ride too.  He is not too jerky for someone relearning to drive a stick shift.  I was waiting for him to offer me a know so he could brag a little.  Finally I had to make my move…I asked for a ride.  He said he wasn’t about to offer anyone, but if we asked he was more than happy to go cruise for a bit.  I like spending time with my brothers and talking to them.  Even though we all live and work in the same town we don’t always take the time to actually have a good old gab session.  You know the kind where you talk about things that make you laugh or you remember from when you were kids.  Was nice just to cruise with him for about 1/2 an hour.  I was kinda hopping he would take the car out on the highway… but I think he is being real careful right now, with the gravel & ice on the highway.  He said so far he has only gone 180 with the little box.  He sure has gotten some dirty looks from the jealous boys but others just stare and drool.  And my bro is enjoying every moment.

To top it all off my nephew asked me to read to him again.. it is sure nice to be wanted around the house.  Was a good day.. and now I am reading the Princess Bride book… a fantastic read thus far.  Lots of fun. 

Well ta ta 😛


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