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Monday mayhem

 Wow!!  What a Monday!  I had a good productive day at work… see I didn’t even blog anything.  I went home for lunch at home,cleaned out the dishwasher and wiped down the counters.  It felt really good to relax at home doing normal things, and seeing the clean counter tops is nice too
I was preparing to have my friends Al & Ewa and their boy Gabriel over for Wednesday.    Yes I know it  is early to start cleaning on Monday for Wednesday, but I wanted to be able to sleep in on Wednesday and still make a fabulous meal to impress my friends!! 
After work I went home and talk to my niece on MSN for a while.  We played connect four at a cool on-line site
It was a great time, we hooked up our web cams and laughed at each others blonde hair   It was nice to talk to her and just be silly enjoying how nerdy we both are.  She has a boyfriend and I wrote a poem about him.

Dean dean
the bean machine,
when he farts we all turn green!

She laughed, she cried, it killed her Bob.  Then she told Dean…  hmmm?  Good thing it is more important that he be afraid of me than to like me…  I hope he doesn’t loath me.  Anyway back on track..
After that I trucked over to my Auntie Karen’s place with my mom, and my newly forming jean quilt.  My Aunt’s mom was here from Saskatchewan and we were  gonna play mothers against daughters canasta!!  Auntie Karen and I are a wicked awesome team, we tend to win.. HEY what am I saying we ALWAYS win!!  We scored over 10000 and the moms got 4692.  Even with all the rules the mom kept coming up with… silly moms!  It was a riotous laughing experience.

Then we got a phone call, it was after 10pm.  My dad talk to my mom first..then she carefully handed me the phone, saying it is about one of your friends…I listened to my dad tell me that my friend Ewa and her family were in a rollover with their truck.  Ewa had called and was asking of we could go to the Fort Vermilion Hospital to look after her son.  Ewa was strapped on a backboard, and Gabriel was on the floor…they did not mention where Al was…  I realized that the only reason they would have been on the road at that time of day was if they had been headed into the hospital for either Al or Gab who have been ill with the flu for the past week.  I realized that Al, because of his weight and size, would not have been wearing a seatbelt..he never wears a seatbelt, it doesn’t fit him.  In my mind I struggled with thinking that things were the worst case scenario.  I had to trust them to God, what else could I do?
My dad drove us the 30min drive to the hospital, the winds were horrible and the roads icy.  Mom and I were on the look out for the accident scene…I was hoping not to see it..  What if there was a fatality?  (I should have asked my dad if Ewa had said anything about Al..but I was stupid)  We never seen the truck and when we got to the hospital we found Al & Ewa talking and in good spirits.  Gabriel was complaining and tired..way past his bedtime and all the turmoil he had been through.  Ewa had to remind herself not to look to serious, because it worried Gabriel.
Ewa has some "funny" stories about her experience.  She really was okay, a real trooper..once she knew Gabriel and Al were fine.  I went with little Gabriel (11mo old) to get his x-rays done.  The nurse asked me if there was any chance I was pregnant.  I nearly laughed..okay I did laugh I said "not unless it is immaculate conception."  She laughed…but waited for an answer.. SEE she could see how innocent I am!! JK  Though she could see my innocence she did not wait.  (I told my mom the comment..she was a bit embarrassed LOL
Poor little Gab was so tired that he was fighting sleep… every time I laid him down to take an x-ray he cried and squirmed.  Every time I picked him up he calmed down and was intrigued by the various apparatuses (should be apparati LOL)  in the room.  They needed to do about 6 x-rays, by the last one he was laying his head on my shoulder and  giving into sleep.  He fell asleep in my arms… you can always tell when a child falls asleep…they get heavier!! 
All their x-rays turned out well and by 2am we had gotten the family safely back to La Crete.  I stayed over and woke up with Gab at 4am & 6am.  I was never fast enough, at 4 Ewa came in on my heels to take Gab, and then at 6 Al was up and in charge of the situation.  This morning I got them their meds and now they are resting at home.  I am at work…  well my body not my mind as you can tell.  I was given today off, but I felt awake enough to come in.
On last Friday I had had a bit of a fight with Ewa, and last Saturday we had already made up.  I am thankful that God helped her see why I had been upset, and helped me see how valuable her friendship is.  I think this accident was a wake up call for them and me.  For them to value each other and their son, and for me to value their friendship.
I want to go home now…  My brain hurts.  And my arm.. I feel like I was in an accident… but I am good !!  Talk to you later!!


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