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Sunday musings

Success   We lead worship with out fear by the grace of our risen Lord and Saviour.  The mic volume was a tad low for J, but no one lost their voices or messed up.  I enjoyed the experience and will be doing it again.  Next Sunday they are having a ladies choir, and I volunteered today. 

I am also hoping to get another chance to run the soundboard.  I think I can do it, I feel lead to participate and this is a place I am gifted.  Electronics and computers seem to be where I am knowledgeable.  If I do not have an answer right away I know how to find one…  or be creative and work around an issue.  I also know how to ask for help…  I do not ask directions when driving, but I ask for help when working on electronics..go figure!

I am a woman!!  I know where I want to go…if I want to take the long way..who should question it??  Funny how I ask directions when I play on-line, but even there I do usually try to find my way first.  I think I am learning..I mean I was in the Back Ally the first time on Saturday night.  I have played over 3000 minutes!!  Woot woot!  

Well now have a good night.. I am going to tuck myself in bed and dream dreams!   God protect you as you rest, may He guide your steps and lead you home.


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