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How to make people scramble 101

Nothing makes people run for cover like the honest truth sometimes.  I was just asked if I was married… my response was a tad uncontrolled "oh no I’m not married.."  Their response, "Well there are people happy to be single…"  My response, "and some not happy to be single…"  Watch the man run!!   Of course he was from my old church and recently moved back to the community.  He is married and was just chatting while waiting for his documents to print.  I guess I made him uncomfortable… I would say Good!  I think people should not assume that someone "wants" to stay single.  Of course he might have been trying to encourage me because I was still single, some times I am cynical.

Well the sun is shining on our land of snow!  I hear that there is snow flying in more areas than ours…while this does bring comfort…  I wish we all had spring/summer.  I may be mean and cruel, but I am looking forward to the summer days.  Late nights by the river, wiener roasts, starry nights, flowers blooming and even bugs buzzing…  Just not mosquitoes… or "miggin" as they call them here.

Tomorrow I get to help lead the song part of our worship service…  I don’t think I am one to be up there in someways.  My thoughts have not been Christ like lately.  Things I say, think, fantasize, type and feel… all not inline with what I should be doing.  I wonder if I am just going through the motions sometimes, I have been praying that God help me love Him more, trust Him more, but I feel further away than I have ever been.  I struggle with the whole "pray and God will answer"  "trust and wait"  I guess it could be anger at God for not blessing me like I believe He should… but His blessings are His to give..not mine to take.

God bless you with sunshine and warm friendships that lead you where you need to be. 


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