Thought conveyance portal.

What I have to be grateful for…

* friends who text/call/im/"tell" me just to say hi
* family who feed me cause they know I like to eat
* I woke up breathing… that’s a good start to any day really
* I am healthy most of the time
* my niece who is taunting me about the blizzard we are currently having..  KIDS! 😛 jk  She does not live here so for her the sun is shining and the snow is melted.
* a job that keeps me living in a fashion one can grow comfortable in… though I want more reasons to spend money…
* beautiful…eyes..  yes I am quite blessed
* a good sense of humor… I need to make sure I upgrade it once in awhile
* knowing who God is..  knowing He plans to bless me..  I wish I could see the blessing NOW is all, sorry Lord, but You know that already I am just typing it.  I know You can handle reading it anyway. 
* the ability to read and write..  and even typo sometimes … just to make those who have spelling issues feel better
* friends who are honest with me even when it hurts…  I may not seem like I appreciate this, but honesty in the long run is better than placation
* the ability to choose not to do stuff…  it sure is nice when you are given the option and you can say "nah.. not today" and it be fine.
* the internet, a computer and freedom of speech…  all good things
* growing up and living in Canada… we maybe the frozen north, but we know how to live!!
* unexpected things… things that reveal what you are really feeling or thinking by how you react.
* for growing up… when I want too..  I never knew it was a choice.. right now I choose not to.
* for words and creativity.. can you imagine if there was only one word for everything? and I thought it would say different stuff  than it does!!
* for a new recipe that I will give to a friend who cooks and she can make it for me.. just kidding
* that even though I feel depressed I can still come up with a fair sized list, and that this list helps
* I am grateful God does not answer every prayer…  Imagine all the things a person asks for in their life…  I have a hard enough time with what I have right now.. a little palpation might be nice though   (not sure if I am using the word right… but look it up.. learning is good for you)
* a work place that let’s me "goof off" a bit as long as I get my work done on time.
* that no one has whacked me in the back of the head in a while, even though I have needed it and deserved it.
* that my parents still think I am perfect, even when they tell me how I need to improve here or there, they still love me just as I am.
* being able to take the time to tell people I care  about them… and have too many people to tell everyone in one day
* for meeting cool people who send me little bits of humor that carry me through some days.
* spell checker so I can make comments about other people’s spelling, all the while looking like I know what I am talking about
* being the innocent one!!!!  Just kidding.. I am only me>>>>>FANTASTIC<<<<<  (hmmm maybe I over sell myself and that is the problem??) JK
* being humble enough to admit that I am fantastic …
Okay I am stopping here… my list has become just humor… so I believe I am ready to start this white winter day…sigh… ya   who…
they are correct when they say making a list of positives helps…  It does…  I am a whiner, but a joker too so that is positive.  Wine and jokes go well together right?


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